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We go through challenges every single day, but many people struggle with proven techniques to effectively cope and heal. Counseling sessions will include clinically-proven therapeutic techniques to help you cope with challenges and live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Life coaching is a tool used to help people manage  & improve their overall life. Each life coaching session will be goal oriented and future focused and will be geared towards setting and achieving goals. This can benefit youth and young adults as they begin to adapt and adjust to maturing in life.

  1. Counseling provides an opportunity to explore and discover your thoughts, values and beliefs. It  helps you search internally to uncover and accept the past, be in the present, and look forward  to the future.  
  2. Counseling is a safe, inviting, supportive, and non-judgmental space to be open and honest with  your feelings and with your struggles. It’s a place where you can experience compassion,  empathy, grace, and validation.  
  3. Counseling helps to challenge your negative (or self-defeating) thoughts and helps to create  positive self-talk.  
  1. Life Coaching provides internal insight, awareness, a new perspective, motivation and  encouragement to live your best life.  
  2. Life Coaching focuses on your future and not your past. 
  3. Life Coaching helps you see your vision; you are responsible for setting and achieving your goals.
  1. All appointments are completed using a secure virtual link or via telephone.   
  2. Confidentiality & privacy will be maintained according to the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices. 
  3. It is expected that all conversations are completed independent of distraction and  in a quiet, safe, and secure area.
  1. All sessions are completed virtually via a secure portal. 
  2. Call 816.729.2937 or email ( to schedule your appointment.
  1. No insurance or Employee Assistance Plans (EAP) are accepted at this time. Current payment options include: Health Spending Account (i.e. HSA card), credit, and debit  payments. NOTE: Client is responsible for confirming HSA benefit with their insurance plan  PRIOR to their appointment. All fees are assessed and paid in full at the time of service.  
  2. Initial Psychosocial Assessments are billed at a rate of $125 per 60-mins.  
  3. Ongoing sessions are billed at rate of $105 per 50-minutes  
  4. Brief sessions are billed at a rate of $65 per 30-minutes. 
  5. Individual Life Coaching sessions are billed at a rate of $95 per 45-mins.
  6. Mental Health Consultations are billed at a rate of $225 per 60-mins.
  1. We understand that there may be a need to reschedule or cancel your appointment and we  request that action is taken far in advance of your appointment. To ensure that each client is  given the highest quality of care and attention, please log in on-time for your virtual session,  attend appointments consistently and provide at least a 48-hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule. 
  2. All clients will receive a reminder phone call, text, and/or email prior to their  appointment. All appointments not confirmed on the day the reminder is sent, will be canceled. 
  3. Any confirmed appointment that is unkept (i.e. no-show) or canceled within 24 hours will incur a cancelation fee equal to the fee of the scheduled services (Initial = $125, Ongoing = $105, Brief = $65).